Sunday, 16 August 2015

Women’s breast size is usually 34/36 standard . If breast size is 38 , and there is no problem . The following procedure only for those whose breast is very large . Below are some ways to minimize the breast naturally be discussed are:

1. Weight control 90% of women with breast fat tissue. So the extra fat in the body naturally reduce breast is small. However, extra fat the body can not be the target for the loss of only breast. So pay attention to the whole body to the breast to be small, which will help to minimize your breast. So to figure Maintain.

II .Eliminate unhealthy foods Unhealthy food , especially fast food should be discarded . In addition, you should avoid food in sugar . Various soft drinks , juice , ice cream , chips , fried foods, do not eat at all .

3 . Nutrition Healthy food , eat more vegetables , especially spinach . Two hours after the low- calorie diet. The extra calories your body will fade away and your body weight can be reduced . The “Kellogg’s Special K” can see me try . However, soft drinks and juice to refrain from eating , because your breast reduction , excess sugar will help rather than convalescence .

4 . Exercise There is no substitute for the exercise of the body to lose extra fat . Regular exercise and regular diet can reduce the extra fat in your body . Exercise the muscles in your body would be organized in a new , smaller breast will result . However, such exercise will be measured

5 . Aerobics At least 5-6 days a week , every half an hour if the aerobics , you will reduce the extra fat in the body . So if you want to breast aerobics Try small can .

6 . Diet Diet is very important in the smaller breast . It should not be neglected . The diet of a variety of fruits , vegetables , bread you can eat . However, butter , ice cream , chips , burgers and a variety of fried foods you should avoid .

7. Thermoplastic reduction surgery If the above does not work, but the reduction in ways that can thermoplastic surgery, but it is expensive. Thermoplastic breast reduction surgery is the unusually large size of the small fitting to the body. However, such surgeries are breast abnormal, they should be. However, before such surgeries in the course of any experienced doctor or surgeon should be consulted

The clothes and jewelry can show through your big breast small , if you do not want to hassle with breast smaller . For those who like to show off their small padbati in the breast . Methods listed below are:

1. Use minimalism bra Brest are large, they can use minimalism bra. There are a variety of designs. Buy your breast size bra. When you wear this type of bra size is less than you would at least breast. Minimalism bra comfortable and reduce the size of the breast is one of the ways to show.

II. The other breast smaller bra Display Minimalism bra bra than can be shown on a big breast small. Two of the thin bra to wear together. The cloth or thin foam cup of the right size bra can wear. It will be tight to your breast and your breast look smaller. You can also wear a sports bra. Brest look too small. Do not wear tight bra or blouse forgotten

3. Clothes and jewelry, breast through small Display In the case of the clothing you can wear a long shirt and baggy. You can also wear dark blue shirt. The actual size of the breast is not well understood. Do not wear clothes that can be seen in most of the breast. The design of the neck and not wear short shirts. Breast wearing a short coat looks great. Do not wear any jewelry, and jewelry cases are pending in the middle of the breast. If you want to be a minor neck wear any jewelry


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