Friday, 21 August 2015

We use to manufacture all kinds of different foods and spices. There are plenty of great food to reduce weight. But unknown to many of us may have been used for decades masalagulote ausadhiguna wonderful things. Spicy taste of our food and ghranai increases, these increases have disease-resistance and metabolism. As a result, it helps control weight. No, not talking about fruit and vegetables. In addition, there are some foods that help to reduce your body fat, weight control, but also keeps you healthy and fresh. Recognize a few cavities. Those who want to lose weight, they can know how to eat to lose weight, some spices and foods that help you lose weight:

>>>> The first to find out what foods help to reduce weight

1. Eggs:
A great source of protein eggs. Helps increase the body's muscles and increases kolesatorala like eggs. Means to increase muscle burns more fat. Boiled eggs for breakfast, playing the less hungry throughout the day.

II. Honey:
Honey Court, highly effective component of fat loss. Light warm water mixed with honey drink in the morning to empty, you'll benefit.

3. Oats:
Oats is a low-calorie foods are delicious. There's a lot of fiber, which increases your metabolism and kolesatorala control.

4. Apple:
There are also plenty ayantiaksidenata and pekatina, which carbike destroyed.

5. Chili:
Capsaicin, which is helpful to burn fat faster.

6. Garlic:

Allicin, which has anti-bacterial qualities rasune bad kolesatorala reduces and helps to reduce fat.

7grina T:

This is very helpful to reduce the weight of a meal green. Drink two cups a day of green, will benefit.

8. Tomato:

Pair of tomatoes does not reduce weight and prevent cancer.

>>>>> What I know about the spice helps you lose weight

1. Cinnamon:

Weight loss may play a role in cinnamon. Cinnamon playing regularly, decreased appetite. The accumulation of body fat melt. It regulates the level of sugar in the body, so it is beneficial for patients with diabetes. Also bowel disease, influenza, tayaphayeda, TB and cinnamon unique role in cancer prevention.

II. Cardamom:
There elace various chemical elements. For example: tarpina, tapininola, siniola, acetate, etc. tapinila. These components enhances the body's ability to phyatabarna. Not as a result of the accumulation of body fat.

3. Ginger:

Ginger is not only beneficial to kasitei cold, a lot of times. You can clear the stomach in particular the role of Ginger. This makes it clear pacanatantre frozen food can not accumulate fat. Fat jamale exist under the weight. The study found that ginger is very effective in diabetes issues. The ginger juice helps the body eliminate fat frozen.

4. Yellow:
Yellow times that it does not cause fat tissue. The result is weight control.

5. Pepper:
There marice ayakajelika acid, kiunika acids, amino acids, eskarbika acid, saksinika acid, sikimika acid, pholika acid, citric acid, acid myalika, melanika acid, alpha-Emir, kyansidina, kyarotinsa, kriptokyanasina, etc. phlyabhanayedasa. It works to control weight. The chilli kyapasisina control hunger. Studies pepper increases metabolism to burn more calories and help.

6. Fennel:
Fennel benefit the digestive system, reduce appetite. And it benefits livres. Fennel works as mouth fresheners.

7. Isabagola:
Isabagola clear the stomach, improves digestion and energy. Reduce the feeling of hunger. Isabagola playing every night before bed to reduce weight. Some health experts pratibela 10 minutes before a meal to eat three spoons isabagola advice.

8. Cumin:
Indigestion, stomach problems, swelling and loss of appetite are very useful cumin. Problems playing piles of candy mixed with cumin benefits. Cumin regularly plays in weight loss. Jirapani freed from the discomfort of eating more food.


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